"…Ukhaalag Setgelgee helps companies investing in Mongolia, in partnership with entrepreneurs or management, to reach their next phase of development"

Ukhaalag Setgelgee

  • We are an European-Mongolian consulting company focusing on business in Mongolia
  • Strategy is to partner with entrepreneurs, foreign companies and/or management and help them developing successful business in Mongolia by bringing together capital, sector experience, market know how and Mongolian qualified staff
  • Several foreign funds under direct management


  • Team with real estate, accounting and administrative knowledge
  • Based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with extensive network in China and Europe
  • Ukhaalag Setgelgee and it's founders have an extensive investment record, with highly successful businesses

Ukhaalag Setgelgee strongholds

  • Experience with business in Mongolian since 1996
  • Understanding & analyze of Mongolia's economic and social evolution over the years
  • Long term view to develop the business, experience within different stage of development
  • Indebt sight of local market


  • Broad experience with Mongolia's investment environment
  • Strong use of incentives for management
  • Local player with international experience and partners
  • Entrepreneurs looking for growth capital and expertise.

"Unkhaalag Setgelgee Consulting, your trustful business partner in Mongolia"

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